Exclusive: Uncle Lucius Challenges Social Constraints in Their Video for “Age of Reason”



You’ve no doubt heard of bands with more than one guitarist, multiple singers, two drummers even, but Uncle Lucius, a country meets Americana meets southern rock band from Austin, TX, is a band of songwriters. Five of them to be exact. Perhaps it’s this varied, insightful slant on the genre (“rock ‘n roll for your soul,” as they put it) that has brought them such grassroots success over their decade in the business; when they left their record label and decided to forge their own, independent path, hundreds of fans pledged money so the band could record their fourth studio album, The Light, which was released June 9th on Boo Clap/Thirty Tigers. Showcasing the band’s ability to write on a breadth of themes, from seeking and questioning to excavating the hidden strength within, The Light  has earned the guys comparisons to Chris Stapleton and Sturgill Simpson.

Today, Elmore is premiering the music video for the band’s latest single, “Age of Reason.” Written by founding bassist Hal Vorpahl, the song’s catchiness belies its darker themes and painful truths. The dystopian video takes place in a world that’s different from ours, but has some pretty clear, ugly similarities. A newspaper headline flashes across the screen, “fear spreads as more aliens seek refuge,” as the soulful twang of the singer chimes in over a steady shuffle of guitar: “we’re just scared of what we don’t know.” The video follows a young man- whose difference is marked only by his eyes- as he’s chased into an abandoned building by a gang of angry men. Ultimately, symbolized by the big, brassy sound of horns and the vamp of keys, the song offers a message of hope amidst the chaos. “It’s a call to let go of limitations,” singer Kevin Galloway says of the track. The young man is taunted and threatened by outside factors that want to stop him from being himself– a powerful statement on social constraints found in our country—but if we all join the call for an “Age Of Reason,” we can make this a better world for ourselves and our posterity.

Connect with Uncle Lucius via their website and watch the powerful video for “Age of Reason” below.

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