Watch the Passionate Video for the Tattletale Saints’ Track, “I Don’t Sing So Much No More”

Tattletale Saints portrait by Anna Webber 2016
Tattletale Saints portrait by Anna Webber 2016


With minds made for music and hearts made for travel, Americana duo Tattletale Saints are fusing the two through inspiration and influence. Originally formed in New Zealand as a jazz ensemble, then relocated to London as part of a country band, Cy Winstanley and Vanessa McGowan have settled in for a folk focus in Nashville. The band’s new self-titled record dropped two weeks ago and Elmore has the exclusive video premiere for “I Don’t Sing So Much No More” off the new album.

The track itself drips with an eerie, sentimental sound, and though there isn’t much to it — stripped down vocals and innocuous upright bass — that’s sort of the point. Winstanley, a fan of the American Songbook’s popular and jazz standards, says “I Don’t Sing So Much No More” is their representation of that short song form inspiration: “so concise and appropriate for a simple lyric”. Similarly, that minimalism is seen in the music video. An autumnal color palette makes for a soft and foggy image of the duo, with a percussion accompaniment, as Winstanley sings a love song into the mic and McGowan strums with fervor. Occasionally in focus to reveal inspiring details like facial expressions, and sometimes just a blurry smear of distanced performance, the video for “I Don’t Sing So Much No More” is as wonderfully unadorned and wistful as the music itself.

Watch Tattletale Saints perform the piece here and connect with the band on Facebook:

~Savannah Davanzo

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