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Alessandro Fadini

A dark and stormy day

Artist:     Alessandro Fadini

Album:     A dark and stormy day

Label:     Fresh Sound Records

Release Date:     06/15/2016


A lone, edgy sax intros the title track, an equally jumpy, (kudos to the fluid pump and bump of bassist Jakob Dreyer) though tightly wound backstreet riff that unfolds like the storms that blow in off the Atlantic. Snoopy would have it no other way.

After studying math and algorithms throughout Europe, Italian born pianist/composer Alessandro Fadini realized New York was in his blood and, in 2011, made the city his home. He’s toured and and done sessions and found a few intuitively groove knowledgeable henchmen to record this very solid and recommended debut. Fadini finds solace and rhythm left of middle C, as the terse, dark roiler, “Juno” craftily demonstrates. More evidence of the left hand setting the pace can be found in the somber and sobering “Elegy for the Living Dead” and the loping skip of “Love In the Age of Mechanical Reproduction.” This compositional characteristic allows his able cohorts,

Dreyer, alto saxophonist Josiah Boornazian and drummer Luke Markham, to mine the flowing rhythms for melodic and harmonic intrigues all their own. Check them out.

– Mike Jurkovic

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