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Amanda Shires

My Piece of Land

Artist:     Amanda Shires

Album:     My Piece of Land

Label:     BMG Rights Management

Release Date:     09/16/2016


It’s been three years, one month and ten days since Amanda Shires’ released her passionate, whimsical and downright beautiful Down Fell the Doves. It’s also been three years, one month and ten days of anxiously awaiting more from this Texan spitfire pixie of a woman.

Since 2013’s release, Shires has toured with her husband, Jason Isbell, appeared on various albums with her stunning vocals and violin work and became a momma. With these experiences in her back pocket, it was clearly time to team up with award-winning producer Dave Cobb and create this wonderful release called My Piece of Land.

I’m not interested in giving out spoilers here, so it’s best if you all just grab this album yourself. Immediately. “Slippin’” makes you want to tango. “Pale Fire” illustrates quite a picture with Shires’ vocals and lyrics. “Nursery Rhyme” is a sing along tune. “You Are My Home” is simply gorgeous (and it pairs nicely with Isbell’s “Cover Me Up”- a song that stops you in your tracks when Shires performs it alongside her husband).

A Piece of Land is a fitting title for an album filled with songs that represent Shires herself — her experiences, stories, growth and milestones over the past few years. This album is all her and while it feels perfectly complete, I’ll still be here with open arms calmly waiting for the next release.

– Brenda Hillegas

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