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Paul DesLauriers Band


Artist:     Paul DesLauriers Band

Album:     Relentless

Label:     Big Toe Productions

Release Date:     07/15/2016


Yet another power trio. But don’t yawn just yet, for this is a Canadian outfit that rips and roars with more than a hint of one of the finest trios seemingly at its core. This is no forlorn, over-bloated attempt to emulate Hendrix, no way. If anything this is an album with some ripping, gripping Clapton-esque fretwork and a backbeat that both Jack and Ginger would be more than happy to call their own.

Relentless is one of those albums that rewards with repeated airings. A sophomore release, it pulls in swampy, rocky, sweaty sounds and influences and hi-lights frontman DesLauriers’ guitar mastery while always allowing his buddies here, Greg Morency and Sam Harrisson on bass and drums respectively, to show their own quality and shine.

All ten tracks come from the band with the help on lyric-score-sharing with DesLauriers old songwriting buddy Alec McElcheran, and feature some memorable, heavy riffs and rocking blues. This is a band that continually grows in stature, picking up awards in Canada on a regular basis while also managing a second place at the 2016 Memphis challenge this year.

Relentless is an album of true quality from a band that is knocking hard on the door of musical success, deservedly well on the way to great things and a howling blues future.

-Iain Patience

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