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Stephen Bishop


Artist:     Stephen Bishop

Album:     Blueprint

Label:     General Records

Release Date:     06/22/2016


He comes off like music’s Caspar Milquetoast, but Stephen Bishop’s lyrical sentimentality and vulnerability makes him accessible time and time again. After all, that’s what kept Art Garfunkel and Phil Collins frequently seeking his services back in the day. On his new release Blueprint, the bespectacled, stoic singer/songwriter culls material from his past never recorded until now. Unfortunately, while Bishop’s voice hasn’t changed, the material here is a bit bland. Sounding like a demo (perhaps that was the intention), Blueprint might work better if all the songs were recorded by Garfunkel, his [adult] contemporary. No song on this album quite compares to the power of a “Never Letting Go,” “Madge,” “Everybody Needs Love,” or “Looking for The Right One.” Even an upbeat rendition of 1982’s “It Might Be You” sounds dated. As a true fan of Bishop’s, I admire his talents and unique level of songwriting. On this though, you’ll essentially be treated to him all but droning…on and on.

-Ira Kantor

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