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The B-52’s

Live! 8-24-1979

Artist:     The B-52's

Album:     Live! 8-24-1979

Label:     Rhino

Release Date:     04/21/2015


Boston, Berkeley, the B’s, ’79. . . Blink and you’ll miss it! At just over thirty-nine minutes the record is over before you know it. Fortunately there’s that repeat function so be prepared to burn it out. It is maximum kitsch, great fun and ridiculously impossible not to dance to. Opening for that other odd clan of nervous energy, the Talking Heads, Ricky’s sharp, asymmetrical guitar propels Cindy’s cheerleader chirp and bongos. Keith’s ever steady drums beat out behind Fred’s sales pitch and Kate’s calls and wicked Farfisi. Fans of the B-52’s will get to hear classics such as”Lava,” “Private Idaho,” “Strobe Light,” “Rock Lobster.” Pop anarchy in the house!

– Mike Jurkovic

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