Brooklyn’s Rue Snider Streams his Upcoming Album, “Broken Window”


Brooklyn’s Rue Snider beautifully blends folk and Americana with punk on his second solo album, Broken Window. The album represents a journey for Snider who recorded it on the road- from a venue in Florida to inside his van in a mall parking lot. With contributions from fellow musicians he has met along the way, Broken Window shares stories of loneliness, longing and personal struggles for Snider. Through music, he paints the before and after pictures of a person struggling with and recovering from substance abuse. Rue says of the album:

“Listening back to this record I’m struck by how sad I was for a long time. We’ve described the record as a ‘chronicle of getting sober’ and that’s really accurate. It’s all there in the tones and emotions. I was sharing some tunes with my friend in Nashville the other day and she asked me if playing songs takes me back to when they were written. It’s the exact opposite. I write the songs to get out of the emotional place I am when I’m writing. They help me survive and move on. So the first half of this record that is nihilistic, broken, and really sad is a hyper drive for my soul moving it at light speed away from those things.”

Broken Window will be released on October 7th, but you can listen to the full album below now.

-Brenda Hillegas

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