Meet Vandoliers- Listen to This Bold Texas Band’s Upcoming Album Now

photo by Cameron Gott
photo by Cameron Gott

The “I’ll do and say what I want” tone that many alt-country rockers have in their music is very strong here on Vandoliers’ debut album, Ameria-Kinda. It’s actually hard to believe that this is the Dallas-Fort Worth band’s first release.

Their experience in music and storytelling, the ability to catch you with a lyric and drag you along until the end, is what you get from seasoned musicians…like these guys. The eclectic sounds and styles you’ll hear throughout is a product of a group of musicians who have more than a decade in punk and folk bands between them.

As a whole this album is filled with rough-edged music highlighted by soul, twang, and fast fiddle, but their soft and sweet side also shines through (“Joy Ride”). Ameria-Kinda is well deserved of an early release, so listen to the ablum in it’s entirety below. Sure, it will be released tomorrow- but one day makes all the difference here.

-Brenda Hillegas

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