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Anna Ash


Artist:     Anna Ash

Album:     Floodlights

Label:     Self Released

Release Date:     09/06/2016


Anna Ash blends ethereal vocals, folk leanings and soft jazz with singer/songwriter lyrics and emotional vocal inflections into the honey sweet concoction that is Floodlights. Channeling the likes of Norah Jones, Ash brings a similar atmosphere with sentiments of love and love lost mixed with telling, vivid images and emotions. Flowers blossom among “tangerines and persimmons and sugarcane” in “Fruits of My Labor,” while Ash reminds herself of important truths, such as “it ain’t gonna kill you to sleep alone once in awhile” in “Floodlights.”

The way Ash conveys her raw, honest emotions is relatable and enthralling, with statements that pull at your heartstrings yet also inspire deep thought and conversation within yourself. And the musical blend that lets these vocals and lyrics shine puts you in a place that is both magically intoxicating and serenely soothing.

“What You Didn’t Say” begins the disc by delving into the feelings that arrive when you want to say yes but make yourself say no. “Holding Out” arrives as the third track with a slough of poignant thoughts that focus on love, life, work and a burgeoning fear amongst it all. “What happens if I can’t quit you and what happens if I can’t forgive you? And what happens if I keep holding, holding, holding on?”

“Fruits of My Labor” is the softest, sweetest song on the disc with enchanting vocals and peaceful instrumentals that entice and seduce. “Lavender, lotus blossoms too, water the dirt and flowers last for you, baby, sweet baby,” Ash croons. “Steel Bone” reflects on time spent alone, the fear of falling in love, and finally letting your wall down. “How the hell did you get in here? Who let you into my heart? Didn’t you know that it’s a steel bone? No one ever gets that far.”

“Savior of the Year” dwells on the danger of impossible expectations in a relationship and using someone as an escape or a savior from all your problems. “I don’t need you to be some kind of way out of here, some kind of reason not to disappear, some kind of holy cure for my fear, some kind of savior of the year.”

“Floodlights” then ends the disc with the most bittersweet track of the album. It is a self-contemplative song that realizes both the loneliness and necessity of being alone, along with the inability of true expression and irrational lessening of interest when we actually get what we want. It’s the realization of our deep insecurities and inexplicable nuances that make us the human beings we are. “Wish I could tell you what I’m needing, tell you what I’m wanting, tell you what I’ve never had. But if you gave it all to me, I wouldn’t want you nearly as bad.”

-Kalyn Oyer

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