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Looking For Knives

Artist:     Dyan

Album:     Looking For Knives

Label:     Self Released

Release Date:     07/29/2016


Synthpop trio, Dyan, is made up of film composer duo, Alexis Marsh and Samuel Jones, along with Dan Dorff Jr. Their sound is enchanting and magical, to say the least, and their debut album, Looking For Knives, is a frenzied starter, one worthy of at least a few listens.

Looking For Knives – written by Marsh and produced by both Marsh and Jones – is a striking, top-notch album, capable of filling an empty room with its echoing hymns and simple melodies. It’s sure to elevate your mood and send you off into a land of imagination, something only Florence and the Machine has done for me before, and each track is unique with its own twist and surprises. The title track, “Looking For Knives,” is my favorite on the album, with a hippie, soulful chime to it, and a surreal atmosphere of both hope and beautiful emptiness; “I went looking for power/But they’re giving me heart/And I wanted an ending/But they’re giving me start/I went looking for knives/And they’re giving me blooms/I went looking for knives/And I was looking for you.” The last track on the album, “Chances (Gone Too Soon),” brings the whole album together with its catchy, body-moving beats and to-die-for vocals.

I’ll eagerly look forward to Dyan’s future releases, and hope they’re just as good as this masterpiece… not that I have any real doubts about that.

– Emilee Gorshe

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