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Famous October

One Day Baby

Artist:     Famous October

Album:     One Day Baby

Label:     Pillow Song Records

Release Date:     10/07/2016


The two members of Switzerland-based duo, Famous October, are exemplary musicians. Their debut album, One Day Baby, is, without a doubt, one of the finest examples of modern folk music. With lyrics that yank at the heart, One Day Baby is a salute to the American folk-music revival of the ‘60s. The duo dates back to a decade ago when they formed the band and later tied the knot, and their love is evident throughout the album; every track is soaked with mountains of tender, Bohemian bliss.

Midwestern-raised Sarah Bowman and Swiss-born Rene Coal Burrell use their upbringings as a foundation for the album, honing in on American folk and European inspired violin while serene vocals are pushed to the forefront. Opening track, “Falling Over,” is a melodic lullaby, full of breathy vocals, intricate guitar and sorrowful violin. It is coupled with a lovely music video which features the duo playing alongside an ethereal woman who dances in emotional agony. She clutches, sniffs and tosses around a pretty, pink flower- a stark image that bears symbolism- and becomes the overall theme of the video.

The albums namesake, “One Day Baby,” is a song for lovers. Soft cello and guitar guide jubilant vocals; “I was thinking you and me/One day baby/We could start a family.” Bowman and Burrell become one with their guitar/cello-playing, as gentle violin strings along in the background. What’s great about this duo is that they’re singing about a shared reality. Because of this, their music comes off as so painstakingly authentic it’s otherworldly.

-Brianne Addison

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