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Jeremy & the Harlequins

Into the Night

Artist:     Jeremy & the Harlequins

Album:     Into the Night

Label:     Yep Roc Records

Release Date:     08/05/2016


Jeremy & the Harlequins is a Brooklyn-based rock and Americana band, influenced by ’50s and ’60s rock music. It all started once singer Jeremy Fury’s brother, drummer Stevie Fury, moved back to New York from Paris; the two used to play music together back in the day when they were kids. J. Fury and his brother soon started collaborating on a compilation of songs that he had written over the years. J. Fury also played with guitarist Craig Bonich in a New York City-based line-up, which disbanded in April of 2013. Later on, the brothers enlisted their friend, Nathan Cogans, as the bassist for the band. A day prior to when Bonich was leaving for Ohio, he met guitarist Patrick Meyer. The two of them drove to Toledo from New York City to join the other band members. For the first time upon arriving, the newly formed band played their first impromptu show at a local bar in Maumee, Ohio. Everyone’s vision for what they wanted to do seemed to click in place perfectly… It’s clearly visible when they play live, and you can hear it when you listen to their tracks.

Into the Night is an album that sends you back in time, with a slightly modern touch. The ’50s era really echoes throughout the title track “Into the Night,” with raw vocals and bare guitars. The catchy, head-bopping lyrics will play on repeat in your head: “It’s 4 in the morning, but I feel alive/Like I could take on Goliath and still be with you by 5/I would survive/Cause the feelin’ you give me makes me strong/It’s supernatural baby, and that can’t be wrong/Yeah, that can’t be wrong.” “No One Cares” resembles Elvis Presley’s upbeat rhythms that make you sway your hips back and forth, with modern and retro themes balanced perfectly throughout. Compared to the other tracks, “Drinkin’ By Myself” is the most simple track, with clean, straightforward lyrics combined with an infectious beat.

If you’re looking for a band with members who have old souls, listen to Jeremy & the Harlequins. Their timeless music is euphoric, and leaves you in a good mood that’ll stay put for hours. This album is perfect for fall nights by the bonfire.

– Emilee Gorshe

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