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Josh Farrow

Trouble Walks With Me

Artist:     Josh Farrow

Album:     Trouble Walks With Me

Label:     Southern Drag Music

Release Date:     10/28/2016


Josh Farrow is pure talent, with a foot already in the door thanks to Trouble Walks With Me’s third song, “Before You Leave,” which was a finalist in the John Lennon Songwriting Competition. Pair that with “Who’s Gonna Love You When I’m Gone,” featured in TV’s Nashville, and you have yourself a roots star in the making.

The good: The jazz/pop/soul combination of the first track, “I’ll Be Your Fool,” is more than enough to keep listeners hanging on through all ten tracks. It’s groovy and fun, something different. Then, perfect for the changing seasons, is the eerie “Tijuana Girl,” with sweet backing melodies and a smoky bar-room feel (pass me the whiskey and the comfort food, please).

The bad: Well, it can be argued that too many musicians flock to Nashville these days and all these new songs and artists start to blend together. Then again, can’t that be said for most genres? Anyone who has seen Farrow open for Shawn Colvin, Leon Russell, Butch Walker, or Sturgill Simpson recently very likely was eager to hear more. I know I would have been. While Farrow’s debut is filled with great lyrics and heart, and it’s clear he is breaking down the rules of Nashville and country music, it’s going to take just a bit more fine-tuning to create something that truly stands out. No doubt he has the willpower and determination, though (I would love to hear more songs that work as perfectly as track one). We’ll see him way up there soon.

-Brenda Hillegas

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