Highly Suspect

Trees / Dallas, TX

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Photos by Rayven Kirk 

If you haven’t heard of Highly Suspect yet, don’t worry – you will soon.

The Grammy-nominated trio from Brooklyn made a stop at Trees, a small bar tucked away in the Deep Ellum district of Dallas. The energy throughout the show made it apparent that the band will likely need a bigger venue the next time they come around.

And have no fear. They will be back.

The hard rock band played to a sold-out crowd, which included mostly teenagers and 20-somethings. The band lit up the place with the bluesy/hard rock guitar riff from “Bath Salts,” which caused excitement and energy to overflow. In fact, the energy was high from the first to the final note of the show.

Frontman/guitarist Johnny Stevens, along with twin brothers Ryan and Rich Meyer (drums and bass, respectively) played all of the highlights from Mister Asylum.  The trio also included a couple of tunes from their highly-anticipated sophomore album, ­The Boy Who Died Wolf, which will be released in November.

The love between the band and their fans was obvious through their interaction during the show. Before playing “My Name is Human,” the first single off their new record, Stevens spoke about how music creates families, and that everyone in the room was now part of a family.

While on the cusp of taking over mainstream music with their unmatchable sound, Highly Suspect plays with no frills and no extras – and that’s more than good enough.

-Erin Medley

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