E. May’s Vocals Shine on her folk Single, “Get ’em High, Get ’em Low”

EMay by Jim Williams
E. May by Jim Williams

E. May revels in the unexpected, living and creating with a sense of both whimsy and dedication that fuels the charming contradictions of her life. Growing up on a honeybee farm in West Virginia, she now calls Pittsburgh her home base. E. May is primarily a folk artist, but she also performs and records with the doom-metal group, Black Yo)))ga Meditation Ensemble, plays percussion in Turkish Folk project Kirik Hava and dabbles in electronic music with her friend, DJ Govinda.

And though May is largely self-managed, and self-recorded and produced her four early demos, she has impressive training, having studied classical piano in the Suzuki method as a kid. Since then, she’s had a host of renowned mentors and teachers, including alt-rocker Alanis Morisette and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, Jorma Kaukonen.

Today, Elmore is premiering “Get ’em High, Get ’em Low,” the lead single from her upcoming acoustic EP Miniatures. May shares that the track “…was written on our farm, at the pet cemetery where I buried my favorite dog. Every time I’m in the cemetery, thinking of Dukes, I remember all the good times we had. It’s hard to lose the things we love, but this song is a reminder to spend time with the ones we love. Every moment impacts us, and every moment is precious. Everyone – and every dog! – has a chance to touch our lives.”

It’s a short, simple track, driven by the gentle pluck of acoustic guitar and May’s arresting voice, which is deep and passionate. The message is almost prayer-like in its rhythmic and lyrical repetition, a message calling us to appreciate the cyclical nature of life itself—a reminder to appreciate the beauty in the days both high and low.

May admits that she had a bit of musical influence when creating the track as well; “I was learning “Big River Blues” following a weekend with Jorma Kaukonen. For whatever reason, that one ‘E’ chord riff was just eluding me. When that happens, I’ll just play the riff over and over until I don’t have to think about it and my muscles just play the stubborn thing. Sometimes, when you let your brain wander while doing this, a song comes out. If you listen closely, there’s a bit of that classic tune tucked away in “Get ’em High.””

Connect with E.May via her website and Facebook. Listen to “Get ’em High, Get ’em Low” below.

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