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Broken Hands


Artist:     Broken Hands

Album:     Turbulence

Label:     SO Recordings

Release Date:     10/28/2016


The UK rockers Broken Hands just released their debut album, Turbulence, and their diverse sound and hard-hitting guitar riffs are bound to catch some attention.

Broken Hands have already been receiving radio airplay in the UK with their lead single, “Meteor,” and they’ve opened for big-name bands such as the Rolling Stones, Black Sabbath and the Cult.

With tracks lead by heavy guitar licks and an overall raw rock sound, one may expect this to be a straightforward, hard rock album. It’s simply not so. Take the haunting, electronica tune “747,” which talks about a crashing plane, for instance. It’s completely different than the heavier, upbeat track, “Four,” that follows on the record.

“747” fits perfectly into the concept for Broken Hands’ debut album. Frontman Dale Norton came up with the theme of flight for the album while at the Garwick airport. Sounds of the airport and runway gave him what was ultimately his “lightbulb” moment. The sounds and atmosphere inspired Norton; with visions of guitar riffs and melodies, he knew then that the band had to bite the bullet and create the album. The outcome was Turbulence.

Norton’s vision came to life, and the band’s result is an album that prog rock and hard rock fans are sure to enjoy.

-Erin Medley

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