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Christian Kjellvander

A Village: Natural Light

Artist:     Christian Kjellvander

Album:     A Village: Natural Light

Label:     Tapete Records

Release Date:     10/14/2016


Currently living in Seattle, WA, Christian Kjellvander is a Swedish singer/songwriter – a fantastic one at that. In the ’90s, he formed the Loosegoats when he returned to Sweden. After disbanding in 2000, he then recorded an album with his older brother, Gustaf Kjellvander, as Song of the Soil. Unfortunately, that collaboration will never happen again, due to his brother tragically passing away. Since then, he’s back at it again as a solo artist, creating music that can heal any aching soul that comes in contact with his newest album a true masterpiece.

A Village: Natural Light is an album with raw human emotion and a croon that will send you over the edge of glory. Kjellvander’s deep voice combine with mellow melodies and light to heavy riffs to create a euphoric experience that will leave you breathless. Each track is blissful and made to perfection. Each lyric is meaningful, with a hint of mystery that leaves you stranded in a black hole of imagination. The opening track, “Shallow Sea,” sets the melancholic mood, and his vocals seduce you and send you far away on the open waters, drowning you in the glory of his entrancing lyrics. “Midsummer (Red Dance)” has slightly heavier riffs drowned out in the background, with a nice build up to the main chorus that picks up halfway through the song. The last track, “Gallow,” has raw vocals and relaxing instrumentals — a worthy ending to a marvelous album.

Loving every second of an album– one that feels perfectly put together – is an experience that’s hard to come by in this century. A Village: Natural Light is an album you don’t want to miss out on, and with his hauntingly good lyrics and vocal talents I’m eager to see what Kjellvander creates next.

– Emilee Gorshe


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