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Deb Ryder

Grit Grease & Tears

Artist:     Deb Ryder

Album:     Grit Grease & Tears

Label:     Bejeb Music

Release Date:     09/16/2016


Grit, Grease & Tears translates here to grit, growl and good-old-fashioned rocking blues music, pretty much at its best. A dozen tracks of ramped-up music garnished with Ryder’s searing, gutsy vocals boost this album, with a foot to the floor, pedal to the metal blast of beauty. This is raw, juke-joint party music, mostly loud and demanding attention, always romping along at near full-tilt, like a V8 on amphetamines.

Since its release in mid-September, the album has been delighting radio jocks in the U.S. and around the globe, gaining critical acclaim and featuring prominently as an A-list-topper in countless blues sites and charts. From the opening track, featuring a big, beefy bouncing sound with some positively excellently cued key- work by Mike Finnigan, the pace is set for a fast-moving, sensuously crafted release that is hard to resist.

Bob Corritore, Sugaray Rayford and the wonderful Albert Lee all bring their remarkable individual talents to the mix with pretty much the end-result that might be expected from such top-quality input.

From kick-off to close, this is an album that delivers at all levels with Ryder’s powerful voice steering the whole project along grippingly while keeping the entire thing anchored in rolling, rollicking blues-rock with more than a dash of soulful sensuality at the core. Memphis horns, big Hammond B3, a wonderful rhythmically fuelled backbeat and ripping fretwork all combine with Ryder’s voice to produce an easy winner here. Grit, Grease & Tears must easily be one of the finest releases out there right now.

-Iain Patience

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