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Massy Ferguson

Run It Right into the Wall

Artist:     Massy Ferguson

Album:     Run It Right into the Wall

Label:     Self Released

Release Date:     07/01/2016


The Americana genre is somewhat difficult to tie down and label. With country, rock, blues, folk and everything in between mixed in, it’s certainly a beautiful, wonderful and diverse style of music. But even as diverse as the genre is, Massy Ferguson still doesn’t quite fit into that box.

Named after a farm equipment company, the Seattle-based band is comprised of frontman/bassist Ethan Anderson, guitarist and backing vocalist Adam Monda and drummer Dave Goedde. While the band is labeled as Americana, a more accurate description of the trio’s sound would include southern rock with a touch of twang, peppered with a Bruce Springsteen and John Mellencamp vibe.

Run It Right into the Wall wastes no time, starting off with the heavy-hitting “Gallipoli.” The track features loud guitars and killer drums, so if it doesn’t catch your attention, then you aren’t listening. The trio proves early on they can rock with the best of them from the very first guitar riff.  Other songs on the album, like “Front Page News,” maintain the upbeat, twangy rock sound, but slap you right in the face with well-written, emotional lyrics.

Feel free to label this band as whatever genre you want. All I know is, the next time I’m driving on an open highway with the windows down, Massy Ferguson’s Run It Right Into the Wall will be the first in my playlist.

-Erin Medley

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