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Pony Hunt

Heart Creak

Artist:     Pony Hunt

Album:     Heart Creak

Label:     Hearth Music

Release Date:     10/07/2016


Jessie Antonick, better known as Pony Hunt, gives us ten debut tracks that most musicians can only dream about. Magical, hazy melodies pair nicely with just as magical lyrics to create a rootsy, folk compilation that any aspiring singer/songwriter or daydreamer should have in their collection.

Heart Creak is a road trip of sounds from the Pacific Coast to New Orleans, with a very out of the way stop in the Windy City. The raw, intimate feel of these recordings will take you back to the ‘50s and ‘60s, where soul, blues and doo-wop reigned. Antonick’s simple, sweet songs are timeless though, and just what the world needs right now. She proves that there’s no need to overdo, and metaphoric bells and whistles can be thrown into the Mississippi River sometimes.

Heart Creak is just fine the way it is.

-Brenda Hillegas

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