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The Youngest

See It Through

Artist:     The Youngest

Album:     See It Through

Label:     Self Released

Release Date:     10/28/2016


Turbulent and torrent times call for artistic endeavors that are soothing and familiar. Answering this siren call in an ever-prescient sense, is the Youngest with See It Through, a triumphant mantra for the country and tremendous country album. In a year full of music that resembles pastiches, tributes and obligatory warfare pressed to vinyl, the Youngest provide a much welcomed escape.

The Youngest’s sophomore record is heavily mottled with traces of Wilco and Autumn Defense thanks to the incredible production of Pat Sansone, creating a joint effort of familiarity and warmth.  Still, the fellas at the helm of the band stray away from entirely copping a Tweedy knock-off through a recording spiritualism of sorts. That is to say, it seems the Youngest’s philosophy for recording evolved as the process went on, with obvious deliberation in adding layers and canvassing other recordings to draw from.

It could also be some deep-rooted sentimentalism resounding, but See It Through is an impeccably perfect record for late October through the dwindling days of autumn. The twilight hour of the year slowly encroaches when spinning See It Through, but the group’s companionship will undoubtedly see one through.

See It Through
is part mystic mountain jam band, part traveling salvation show, part heirloom record listening release party. It seemed that 2016 had to wait until the latter half of the year to see the interesting and complex Americana releases, but often times sitting on pins and needles proves to be a fruitful effort.

– Jake Tully

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