Dar Williams

City Winery / New York City, NY

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Photos by Ehud Lazin

In 1996, influential American singer/songwriter Dar Williams released her record, Mortal City, full of folk rhythms and honest storytelling. Now, two decades later, Williams is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the record with a North American tour in which she’ll perform the album in its entirety for the first time ever. Accompanying her are several notable authors, handpicked by Williams herself, doing readings before her performances. She notes that, “these are people who have connected the mortal city through words and poetry and the sharing of beautifully expressed ideas.” Dar Williams excels at sharing beautiful ideas, so it’s no wonder she’s gathered a team of word wizards akin to herself, like David Levithan and Jennifer Wiener.

Williams took her show to NYC’s City Winery in later September, with readings by Levithan and Hendrink Hertzberg. Celebrating Mortal City takes Dar Williams, and her first loyal fans, back to her breakthrough years as a young singer/songwriter exploring politics, society and freedom. Now, twenty years later, she is investigating how it has all changed.

To see where else the tour takes her, visit Dar Williams’ website.

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