Laura Saggers Shares a Bouncy Piano-pop Single, “Chasing Dreams”

Laura Saggers

Singer/songwriter Laura Saggers went through a major transition five years ago, when she moved from a tiny rural town in England to Los Angeles to pursue her musical career. But the artist has no trouble getting pulled into the slipstream of the city, and was soon playing keytar in Gretchen Bonaduce’s Fatal 80s band (Roland Keyboards endorsed her and ranked her among the top 25 keytar players), travelling across the country in various bands and headlining venues such as Universal Studios and Caesars Palace Casino in Las Vegas. She also teaches music lessons, performs frequently around LA and releases a new cover song every Monday. All this is gearing Saggers up for the eventual release of her album, which, for the moment, she’s releasing single by single, as the songwriting inspiration strikes.

Today, we’re premiering Saggers’ latest single, “Chasing Dreams.” She shared with Elmore, “”Chasing dreams” was a song that I wrote to capture the innocence and importance of staying young. I work with kids on a daily basis, and the joy and imagination that comes out of them is so inspiring. As adults we tend to get caught up in what society tells up how to behave, act, think and we lose touch of what it was like to think freely and be ourselves without fear of judgement, and so this song was my way of encouraging everyone to take a step away from their busy lives and channel their inner child.”

The melodic pop gem has a whimsical vibe sure to put a smile on the face of young and old. Saggers has sweet, clear vocals, and she captures the sass and bouncy piano work of Lily Allen, with the gentle play of trumpet towards the end of the track. She spreads an uplifting message, singing with a wink, “no stress for me, cause I’m having too much fun.” We’d all be wise to join her.

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