Watch Powerhouse Paula Boggs Spread Peace in “Get Together” Cover

Photo by John Pesina
Photo by John Pesina
Paula Boggs is everything and then some. Her stints as an Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Washington, Vice President of Dell Computers, and general counsel for the Starbucks corporation have made her an inspiring woman with a powerful mind. She’s not just a legal powerhouse though — she’s a vocal powerhouse too. For nearly a decade, Boggs has hammered out Americana tunes with the Seattle-based Paula Boggs Band.

The band’s latest EP, Live From Empty Sea: Songs of Protest and Hope, is set to release in just a few weeks. On the record, Boggs and the band tackle “Get Together”, made famous by psychedelic-rock band The Youngbloods back in the 60s. Boggs’ version is born out of her “soulgrass” tones, rich with her distinct vocals, obvious passion for the track’s subject of peace, and the hypnotic pulses of instrumental repetition courtesy of the talented multi-instrumentalists backing her. The black-and-white music video accompaniment sees the full band performing live, each member humble in their talents while allowing Boggs to shine. Occasional hums of harmony add a little flavor, but the performance does the original “Get Together” justice, especially when the message of uniting positively is clear in the band’s camarederie and pleasant, but subtle, stage presence.

Watch the Paula Boggs Band perform “Get Together” below and connect with the band on Facebook:

-Savannah Davanzo

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