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Richard Townend & the Mighty Bosscats

Gold Fever

Artist:     Richard Townend & the Mighty Bosscats

Album:     Gold Fever

Label:     Bosscats Records

Release Date:     11/25/2016


U.K. band the Bosscats’ frontman, guitarist and singer/songwriter, Richard Townend, is one of those guys for whom the adjective prolific might well have been invented. Always working on musical projects, he seems to have incredible energy and a wonderful grasp on blues and light-rock based modern music.

With this latest album, Gold Fever, the band has again struck a rich musical seam to deliver a ten track offering that shimmers with U.S. influences, and includes Townend’s fine fretwork on both electric and resonator guitars. Throw in some neat slidework and Townend’s droll, gravelly voice and you have an album that really works well from start to finish. Already a U.K. IBBA (Independent Blues Broadcasters Association) pick of the month for December, Gold Fever is fired by its lead man’s powerful, driving voice, melodic underplay and constantly engaging lyricism.

It’s hard not to view Townend as a sort of latter-day Mark Knopfler. His lyricism and fretwork both share echoes of the former Dire Straits leader and he also shares an adventurous musical streak with the guy, always prepared to take a theme and work it hard as Hell. Gold Fever is a very fine showcase for a band that clearly knows what they’re about, what they want from the studio and what they’re aiming for. Townend is joined by his usual cohorts, each of whom brings maturity, experience and quality to the table: Phil Pawsey doubles on harp and keys, Phil Wilson on bass and Glen Buck on drums. Townend himself, not content to add the self-penned material and fine guitar work, also manages to push in a bit of trumpet when needed. With its strong hints at Americana-cum-blues and rocking drive, this is easily one of the best of British bands out there, and Gold Fever an album to enjoy.

-Iain Patience

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