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Amy Helm & Cindy Cashdollar

Photos by Laura Carbone Recently, Amy Helm has been touring the Northeast on-and-off with special guest Cindy Cashdollar on steel guitar. Cashdollar recently sat in with Helm and a stellar backing … Read more

Ashleigh Smith

As a former backup singer to R&B singer-songwriter, Chrisette Michele, Ashleigh Smith has never been out of touch with success. Breaking out on her own laurels is a different story, … Read more

Courtney Granger

Courtney Granger is probably best known for his lead work with Cajun outfit, the Pine Leaf Boys, and his immersion in Cajun/Acadian music in general. With Beneath Still Waters, however, … Read more

Jeff Chaz

This marks the second release from New Orleans-based Jeff Chaz within twelve months. With eleven tracks, This Silence Is Killing Me again features mostly self-penned tracks all rich and raucous, … Read more

Bap Kennedy

If there is a silver lining to an early death, it often accrues to musicians more readily than to most others. Their music lives on and posthumous releases, like this … Read more

Whitney Rose

The honeymoon is far from over for traditional country-pop chanteuse Whitney Rose. She’s still absolutely smitten with Texas, after picking up and moving there on a whim, all because of … Read more

John Mayall

For some, age doesn’t mean a damn thing but knowhow. John Mayall defines one of those fortunate few. Ostensibly, he’s led a great life. At 83, he looks and acts … Read more

Colin Vallon Trio

The world definitely shifted on Innauguration Day, but Danse, this continuously inventive trio’s third disc from ECM, has managed to smoothen, or at least temporarily calm, the stormy waters in … Read more