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Colin Vallon Trio


Artist:     Colin Vallon Trio

Album:     Danse

Label:     ECM

Release Date:     01/27/2017


The world definitely shifted on Innauguration Day, but Danse, this continuously inventive trio’s third disc from ECM, has managed to smoothen, or at least temporarily calm, the stormy waters in which I, and many Americans, find themselves chin-deep.

Pianist Colin Vallon, double bassist Patrice Moret and drummer Julian Sartorius, collectively contemplate before moving mountains. Their energy rises from a quiet center—breathy percussion, shaded pulse, Vallon’s many interpretations of major and minor conversations—and gives this moving collection a tidal quality.

Gentle yet thunderous, hypnotic, expansive and heart-paced. When I tell you Danse has been in my player for weeks, dampening the vulgar noise of our politics, I kid you not. And it just may remain there for four years.

-Mike Jurkovic

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