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The Show Ponies

How It All Goes Down

Artist:     The Show Ponies

Album:     How It All Goes Down

Label:     Free Man Records

Release Date:     01/20/2017


The songs on the Show Ponies’ latest release, How It All Goes Down, put this band one step closer to being the next big thing. The Los Angeles based five-piece has a variety of roots- Texas twang, choir experiences, jam band sounds and down-home lyrics and soul. The Show Ponies hit the ground running, and there’s no signs of stopping.

To highlight just a few tracks is a difficult task. Every one of these 13 songs should be listened to attentively with no distractions, except maybe the road ahead of you. “Sweetly” is pop-indie sugar with southern charm. “Don’t Call On Me” encourages you to let your hair down and dance on rooftops. “Folks Back Home” is the song this band will come back on stage to sing, after the crowd chants for just one more. “The Time It Takes” is a sweetheart tale with dual vocals and a lot of love. It could very easily end up in heavy rotation on the country music stations. These handful of songs are enough to make listeners grab the entire album.

Produced by Andy Freeman (Eisley/Manchester Orchestra, Rocketboys), How It All Goes Down is an excellent follow up to the band’s previous releases (which have garnered over 14 million plays on Spotify and counting). Passion and soul encompass the Show Ponies in every song. There’s no going wrong with How It All Goes Down.

-Brenda Hillegas

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