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The Walcotts

Let The Devil Win

Artist:     The Walcotts

Album:     Let The Devil Win

Label:     Local Hero Records

Release Date:     09/16/2016


When The Walcotts formed in 2012, they probably didn’t know the effect their warm, big-band, genre-bending talents would have… or maybe they did. On their debut record, Let The Devil Win, released in September of last year, every good thing about music works together to create something wonderful. The Americana rock ‘n roll group have released 12 tracks dripping with harmony and bound together by a full, fresh take on music.

Let The Devil Win opens with the hootin’ and hollerin’ jam style of “Should’ve Been Me”, twinkling with New Orleans influences, followed by the title track, similar to the previous with a catchy, roots rhythm and powerful multi-instrumental ensemble in which you can almost hear the brass in one hand and a drink in the other. “By The Morning” pounds and wails with an Outlaw-country feel, slow and skulking percussion intimidating against gritty vocals. As if those won’t pump you up enough, “Good To See You, Gotta Go” is a fast-paced track with carefree ska-jazz arrangements dancing quickly, clocking in at just under three minutes. Vocals are strongest on “Coalinga”, an at times upbeat, at times nostalgic, tribute to a California town close to the So-Cal band’s heart. The album ends with “Curious & Kind”, a lovely parting track with a light instrumental intro, sweet melodies and hopeful lyrics like “I hope you get the best of life/And the world will shine/Hope you find someone to love/And share your mind”.

On Let The Devil Win, the supremely talented members of The Walcotts bring life to music, filling it from the inside out with throw-your-hands-up, foot-stomping, heart-happy rhythms. The Walcotts have made the kind of joyful music that you hear in your ears but feel in your soul.

-Savannah Davanzo

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