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Exclusive: John Fullbright, still touring

Tracking down unfounded rumors

L1000658 John FullbrightAt John Fullbright’s wonderful-but-all-too-brief performance in the main ballroom at Folk Alliance, we heard that the man had quit touring. Several presenters confirmed that they heard the same news: Fullbright would play Kansas City and Oklahoma, but had quit the road.

Later that night, however, we caught up with the man himself, right upstairs in none other than the Oklahoma Showcase Room, and asked him outright.

“I heard about that, and don’t know how that rumor got started, but it’s not true. I am touring,” he said.

Whew. Anyone who’s been to Folk Alliance, Knuckleheads or anywhere else in the OK state knows how great the people are, but thank the Lord we right and left casters don’t have to travel there every time we need to see this great artist.


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