Willodean Premieres a Power-Pop Anthem for Introverts

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Today, February 20th, Los Angeles based indie-rock trio, Willodean, is releasing Awesome Life Decisions: Side One, an EP that they’ve dubbed “2017’s breakup album for the modern introvert.” It marks the beginning of an ambitious project, a four EP suite the band plans to release throughout the year.

…Not that the band’s a stranger to ambition; the newly founded trio builds on a decade long partnership between two of the band members, songwriter Randy Wooten and bass player Eric Holden, which spawned a band, The Bloody Lovelies, as well as a record label, Cheap Lullaby Records. To form Willodean, Holden and Wooten recruited Abbie Huxley, a Tennessee born frontman who brought a dose of southern edge to the mix, and the magic began to happen.

Today, Elmore is premiering the lyric music video for “Let’s Leave This Party,” a track from the band’s just dropped EP. Producer and bass player Holden calls it “an epic tale of a young lover with a head full of dreams.” He adds, “It’s a little Catcher In The Rye and a little “Born To Run,” an indie rock answer to Alessia Cara’s “Here.””

The upbeat, indie shuffle is carried by Huxley’s warm, gritty vocals. In a musical landscape dominated by party songs, this is a perfect antidote for the introvert, who just wants to run from the scene. Huxley intones, “we’re trapped by four walls now, but we could go anywhere tonight.” The video concept is pretty straightforward—the band performing the song—but it’s filtered through a kaleidoscope of colors, which pulse to the power-pop drive of guitar and drums. The track is a perfect compliment to the burgeoning spring temperatures of the East Coast, an anthem for anyone who wants to hit the road and drive off into the night, surrounded by fresh air and a sky full of stars.

Watch the video for “Let’s Leave This Party” below, and follow the band on Facebook and their website.

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