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Craig Taborn

Daylight Ghosts

Artist:     Craig Taborn

Album:     Daylight Ghosts

Label:     ECM

Release Date:     02/10/2017


Admittedly, pianist, composer, and electronica explorer Craig Taborn has never been all that visible on my radar. I certainly liked what I’ve heard throughout his 20+ year dialog with his piano and appreciate those who hold him in high ranking within the contemporary jazz theater. Drawing from his above strengths as well as keen, improvisational language and understanding of jazz traditions, Daylight Ghosts revamps my perceptions.

Drummer Dave King, from the ever-adventurous Bad Plus, bassist Chris Lightcap and saxophonist Chris Speed spar with– and spark up– each other on a highly evolved, hotly sustained level. These guys speak the same language and the music on Daylight Ghosts becomes impossible not to concentrate on. Clear your head of the national rancor and clear yourself some space. Truly incandescent, the title track moves from darkness to day in a musical translocation so subtle the joy overwhelms you. Taborn’s electronic buzz on “Phantom Radio” absolutely free’s saxophonist Speed to elongated heights. Lightcap’s dark ’60s vintage bass creates ambience and sense of place, most notably on “Subtle Living Equations” and “Ancient.” Mysterious, alluring, revealing. Can you think of any other music of these days that delivers so much?

—Mike Jurkovic

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