Jack Grace Shares the Video for “Bad Wind Blowing,” a duet with Norah Jones

Jack Grace by Tom Moore
Jack Grace by Tom Moore

The end of Jack Grace’s 13-year marriage and musical partnership with Daria Grace didn’t just put the brakes on his album, Everything I Say Is A Lie, it put the brakes on his life.

Though the album was recorded and set for release, Daria’s voice and bass haunted the tracks, and Jack put it aside, spending the next two years playing shows here and there, mostly around his home in Brooklyn. He wrote occasionally, but shared it with no one; he was stuck.

Finally, after a rejuvenating trip to Mexico and a run-in with Norah Jones, who lends her vocals to the record (what do you mean you haven’t put it out yet!?), Grace knew it was time to come to life again. It was finally time to share Everything I Say Is A Lie, an album that features the talents of Jones, Eric Ambel and Lee Falco, in addition to Daria and his usual suspects, drummers Diego Voglino and Russ Meissner and pianist Bill Malchow.

Today, Elmore is premiering the video for “Bad Wind Blowing,” a duet from the album featuring Jones. Grace tells us, ““Bad Wind Blowing” is about that feeling when you sense a crisis looming and you cannot prevent its arrival. The video happened organically with one part shot in the late fall and the other half in the early spring. We weren’t sure if Norah could make it for the shoot, so we got creative that cold windy day. We started editing and decided to leave it like this. It seems to take the video to another ethereal level.”

Like the play between fall and spring, the song straddles the line between melancholy and mischievous. Though he laments the bad wind blowing in his direction, the crunchy guitar shuffles along and harmonica soars. As he cavorts around the town, you can hear the wink in his deep, gravely vocals as he ultimately reminds himself—and the listener– “you can’t change the weather so you’d better change your point of view.”

Look out for Everything I Say Is A Lie, due out April 28th. Follow Grace on Facebook  and his website, where you can find his upcoming tour dates, including shows in Brooklyn on March 17th at Barbes, March 18th at 68 Jay St. Bar and March 23rd at Jalopy Tavern. His album release show will take place on April 27th at HiFi in Manhattan.


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