Moonsville Collective Spins Sweet Nostalgia on Their new Track, “Santa Fe”


Emerging from Suburban Los Angeles, the Moonsville Collective was chiseled out of wild hootenannies, jug band music circles and evenings passed in darkly-lit barrooms—a world where music is played just for the love of it, and nothing more. Though they’ve become a bit more structured– and gained serious national attention– since their early years with an open door policy, when new friends were always dropping in to write, play and record, they hold fast to their commitment of non-commodified music that reflects the American ethos– the eternal need for music that soothes the soul.

2017 is shaping up to be a big year for the Collective, made up of Corey Adams and Ryan Welch on vocals, guitar and banjo, Matthew McQueen on Mandolin, “Dobro” Dan Richardson on vocals, resonator and dobro and Seth Richardson on double bass.

Coming off a national tour, including gigs supporting the White Buffalo, Charlie Parr and Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, the band is tackling a major project to set 20 of their songs to record on four EPs over the course of the year. On April 21st, the band will release Moonsville II, an exercise in restraint for the band, who purposely cut back on the instruments they used, choosing instead to hone in on lyrics.

Today, Elmore is premiering ““Sante Fe,” a track from II. Adams shared,like most people, we enjoy a good ballad. And like most bands, we enjoy contributing. From Gillian Welch and Dave Rawlings to Journey, there’s so much to draw from to put a ballad together. In “Sante Fe,” there’s a blatant nod to “Forever Young” by Bob Dylan & the Band in the first verse. It’s a song close to our hearts, and the theme is universal. It’s tender, which seems to be coming through quite a bit throughout these four Moonsville EPs we’re releasing this year.” He continues, “”Santa Fe” is about places, about family, and how the two come together to create a perfect space. The fast pace of our culture begs us to stay busy, to running with the pack, keeping up with, I don’t know– whatever there is to keep up with, I guess. That whole deal makes me feel tired and old. But then my wife and I go fishing, or we play music in the living room, and I feel like time doesn’t exist. Those moments– you protect them, and they seem to protect us, as well.”

Rooted in Adams’ honeyed rasp, the track is imbued with nostalgia, sweet and warm. The instrumentation is gently measured, careful not to overpower Adams’ lead and the subtle harmonies that play beneath him. “Santa Fe” nods to the greats of the Americana and folk worlds, but it spins a yarn all its own, proving that this Collective just may become the new torchbearers for an old, American genre.

Catch them on April 29th at Pappy & Harriet’s in Pioneertown, CA, and head to their website and Facebook to learn more and stay in the loop on upcoming tour dates. Give “Santa Fe” a listen below.

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