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Lowland Hum


Artist:     Lowland Hum

Album:     Thin

Label:     Lowland Hum

Release Date:     02/10/2017


Boy meets girl (by crashing a party in her apartment), then boy hears girl’s voice and asks her to collaborate on an album. Eventually, boy and girl marry. The sweet, in-love duos that make up a major portion of the music scene can create songs and melodies like no other. If not evident anywhere else, Lowland Hum is a prime example.

Daniel and Lauren Goans are described as art-folk. “Palm Lines,” the first track of the album, is poetic, passionate, filled with love.  The couple who make up Lowland Hum are very true to themselves and create a perfect pairing of guitar and voice. There’s no experimenting here or trying to fit into a mainstream; nothing but winners on this album.

“Adonai” is beautiful. Lauren creates a familiar and soothing sound. You’ve likely heard something like it before, but the tingles  still run through your spine and the clouds still break for the sun. “Folded Flowers” also gives the listener a lovely vintage, folk sound. “Whatever helps you sleep at night,” a lyric from the song, is incredibly welcoming.

Overall, Thin is a great way to transition winter into spring. The entire album flows, with gorgeous and comforting sounds.

Track six, “Vedauwoo,” is Lowland Hum. Earth-born, natural, timeless. The Goans don’t always stand out in their lyrics and melodies, but they do stand up tall. They can harmonize like no other, and they’ll be making music for a very long time.

—Brenda Hillega

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