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No Time Like Now

Artist:     Strongman

Album:     No Time Like Now

Label:     Sonic Unyon Records

Release Date:     03/10/2017


Electric blues for this day and age. No Time Like Now is a love letter to the raw blues sound that musicians like Hamilton, Ontario’s Steve Strongman define. The legendary blues-rock guitarist is back with drummers Dave King and Adam Warner, bassists Rob Szabo (who also produced) and Alec Fraser, and keyboardist Jesse O’Brien to make noise and bring blues and roots fans to their feet.

Strongman’s work ethic and dedication to perfecting a collection of songs is evident on this CD. Rather than spending money on studio space, the band rented gear and recorded all of the guitars in a makeshift amp room in Strongman’s basement. The guitar sound is prominent and well done on the album, so I’d say it’s money well-spent (very evident, with no pun intended, on the track “Money in the Bank”).

Fellow Canadian Randy Bachman (The Guess Who, Bachman-Turner Overdrive) shows up early on No Time Like Now to lend Strongman the BTO hit “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet.” Strongman takes the song as you know it, dumps it out and, with Bachman, pieces it back together to create something fresh and vibrant while staying true to the original.

“Good Times” is poignant and honest; an anthem for life right now. Though it flows nicely with the rest of the album, this is the track that stands out. Clap, shout, show solidarity with Strongman’s band as they play this for their audience. It’s the perfect encore to concert, and the perfect ending as the credits roll.

The title track kicks off the feel of this whole album. Loose, fun, and fast, with all that guitar work shining through. Huge talent and huge sounds make No Time Like Now impossible to pass up.

—Brenda Hillegas

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