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The Flywheels

I’m For the Flowers

Artist:     The Flywheels

Album:     I’m For the Flowers

Label:     Mystery Lawn Records

Release Date:     03.24.2017


The Flywheels is a psychedelic pop band. Their debut has been a long time coming, but once guitarist Kim Wonderley and bassist and co-songwriter Eric Scott enlisted guitarist John Moremen (Matthew Sweet) and percussionist Gabe Coan, something clicked and the ball started rolling. Unfortunately, this release is the band’s debut and final album due to Eric Scott’s death last year.

I’m For Flowers features contributions from Young Fresh Fellows guru Scott McCaughey and his R.E.M. pal guitarist Peter Buck, Dennis Diken and Mike Mesaros, both of The Smithereens and Roy Loney of the Flaming Goovies.

If you’re looking for fab and get-on-your-feet music, well then this is the album for you. It’s packed with great vocals, lyrics and beats—also known as a triple threat. From start to finish it’s astonishing and miraculous. The band’s members are definitely musical and lyrical geniuses.

The opening track “Hello Cruel World” sets the mood with its psychedelic pop beats and vocals that echo from decades ago, resulting in this modern yet classic sounding song that entices you to slightly headbang and move your feet to contagious riffs and beats.

“Counting To Eleven” consists of almost dream-like vocals and melodies that seem to be opposites, but they come together so perfectly, creating a very blissfully sensational track. Another notable track is “Needle of Sunshine,” which features variations of soothing vocals, catchy melodies and sweetly written lyrics.

Every song on this album is unique and they each have their own twist and sound. If you give I’m For Flowers a listen, you’ll be surprised by the beauty of the work, and by the talent of the members in the band. Every song is enjoyable, and that’s very hard to come by nowadays.

—Emilee Gorshe


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