The Dexateens Share Their Raucous Party Anthem “Eat Cornbread Raise Hell”



If you’re fixin’ for a generous helping of punk rock with a side of southern grit, better call Alabama collective, the Dexateens. Founded in Tuscaloosa in 1998, this self professed “rock ’n’ roll man’s rock ’n’ roll band” has released eight records in their near two decade run, and is getting set to put out a ninth.

Though the lineup has changed over the years, singer, songwriter and guitar player Elliott McPherson and bassist Matt Patton (who also plays with the Drive-By Truckers) still carry the torch, now with a little help from drummer Brian Gosdin and dual lead-guitar players Brad Armstrong (13ghosts) and Ronnie Lee Gipson (Model Citizen, Bad Cologne).

The guys took time out of their touring schedule for Teenage Hallelujah to head to Patton’s studio, Dial Back Sound, in Water Valley, MS and set down their ninth full-length, Struggler, which will release on Cornelius Chapel records this summer.

Today, Elmore is premiering the video for their proper redneck party anthem, “Eat Cornbread Raise Hell.” Bandleader Elliot McPherson shares, “well, we played the night before in Nashville; we drove overnight to make it in time for the shoot the next morning in Athens. We started drinking immediately because we already felt so bad. We shot the video in about four hours and played a show that night at the Georgia Theater still smelling like buttermilk. Believe it or not, the smell of buttermilk is extremely hard to get off of your skin! We really had fun playing exaggerated versions of ourselves in this video. It’s true that we are all a little bit redneck and a little bit critter, but we took it to a new level when we made this silly video.”

The video starts out with a run of the mill recipe for cornbread– eggs, buttermilk, corn– served up by a proper southern woman… but then things get a little off course (and a lot messy) when the ‘teens cut in with a punchy guitar line and McPherson’s signature sneer. Some of the lines might not be repeatable to dignified folks, but this barn burner ain’t for them. “Eat Cornbread Raise Hell” may not make you hungry, but it’ll sure make you wanna dance.

Keep up with the ‘teens on their Facebook and website. Check out the video for “Eat Cornbread Raise Hell” below.

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