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Robby Krieger

In Session

Artist:     Robby Krieger

Album:     In Session

Label:     Purple Pyramid

Release Date:     02.17.2017


To borrow an oft-used cliche, Robby Krieger needs no introduction. A founding member of the Doors and co-writer of several of their most memorable songs (“Love Me Two Times,” “Touch Me,” “Love Her Madly”), he established an individual imprint early on. His fortunes waned after the death of the band’s shaman, Jim Morrison, but by then it didn’t matter. Krieger had already made his mark in the rock firmament and whatever he pursued from that point on was destined to be simply a footnote to the work he had done before.

Nevertheless, like  most great artists, Krieger wasn’t content to merely bask in past glories. Over the years he released a continuing series of solo albums, most of them subject to only passing notice. Wisely, Purple Pyramid has compiled a collection of some of his best post-Doors performances, all of them covers, as part of a concerted effort to bring him added attention. Indeed, the familiarity factor works in his favor, and with faithful remakes of standards by the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Supertramp and others, the strategy clearly succeeds. It helps that they’ve also littered the proceedings with big name guest stars—Jackson Browne, Tommy Shaw, Yes’ Tony Kaye, Billy Sherwood and Geoff Downes, the late John Wetton, and in a surprisingly straight role, William Shatner to fill out the roster—adding extra credence and, presumably commercial potential.

Mainly though, it’s Krieger’s progressive posturing that wins out, adding an extra dose of imagination and intrigue to songs of a vintage variety. Clearly, after the Doors closed, this Door opened up.

—Lee Zimmerman

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