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Sheryl Crow

Be Myself

Artist:     Sheryl Crow

Album:     Be Myself

Label:     Warner Bros Records

Release Date:     4.21.2017


Sheryl Crow returns to the fray with this absolute gem, proving she’s still very much rolling at the top of the game. This is simply true vintage Crow, sparkling brightly with a classic rock element at the core. Eleven new tracks that feature her delightful searching voice, lyrical savvy, and a storyteller’s eye and ear capturing the essence of being self-aware, confident; a positive survivor against all and any odds.

Crow is no newcomer to the award battlefield as a nine-time, long-time Grammy winner. It’s hard not to listen to this latest offering without expecting her to hit double figures pretty soon. Be Myself, her first release on the Warner label, is strong on rhythmic riffs, melodies and lyrics that linger. A near-‘60s,  golden pop and rock era sound bursts out at every turn, with clear echoes of Beatle-esque melodic exploration at times. All perfectly highlight why this lady remains such a force of nature, with a talent that seems always to lead rather than follow the curve of modern musical tastes and fortune.

Be Myself demands attention and guarantees satisfaction with every track. This album is a keeper. It rushes along like a riotous river exploding, leaving the listener reaching time again for the repeat button. Do yourself a favour and grab a copy when you can.

—Iain Patience

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