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The Dollyrots

Whiplash Splash

Artist:     The Dollyrots

Album:     Whiplash Splash

Label:     Arrested Youth Records

Release Date:     03/24/2017


The Dollyrots, pop punk duo, is killin’ it with their sixth studio album, Whiplash Splash. This album has infectious beats and killer vocals, with vibes of a “poppy” Joan Jett.

 The album is great from the start… “I Do” starts out with an energetic “woooo” and “let’s go,” getting you in the mood to jump and move around, and the lyrics are catchy enough to get stuck in your head all day.

 “Mermaid,” one of my favorites, has melodic guitar riffs that give off more of a pop feeling, but it’s still rock to the core. It definitely reminds me of Paramore’s older music. Kelly Ogden’s vocals steal the show on this one. If you want to dance and rock-out at the same time, you will absolutely “Dance Like A Maniac.” Ogden’s vocals are insane and Luis Cabezas’ magical fingers on the guitar are brilliant.

 Okay, all of the tracks are a work of art. Each brings its own uniqueness, melodies and beats that you’ll easily fall in love with. If you’re looking for a new pop punk band, check out the Dollyrots – you won’t regret it. ROCK ON!

—Emily Gorshee


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