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Aerial School

Love is Calling

Artist:     Aerial School

Album:     Love is Calling

Label:     Self-released

Release Date:     04.01.2017 



Aerial School, founded by Thorn St. Germain and Chaim Rochester, and their seven-song EP, Love is Calling, is music is built on excellent rock riffs, singable choruses, and plenty of rock-n-roll attitude. Handling the lead vocals on the first four tracks is Dusty Bo, who some of you may know from the band Future Villains. The CD is written and produced by guitarist Thorn St. Germain. St. Germain says, “Very simply, I wrote the album I wanted to hear!”

The opening track and first single is Darker Shade of Gray. St. Germain’s crunchy rhythm guitar starts the tune. The melody and song structure is a straight-ahead arena rock anthem that celebrates the eternal rock-n-roll naughtiness. Bo’s vocals are hard-hitting and his range is wide, he also conveys a je ne sais quoi attitude that is needed to be a rock vocalist.

“Red Hot Flame” continues with Bo’s robust vocal abilities, but with the addition of Jimmy Z’s energetic harmonica work. St. Germain’s songwriting skills are equal to his guitar abilities. Both are solid, catchy and full of melodic meat. St. Germain’s guitar soloing style is based more in melody than techno flash, that is not to say he does not have a solid technical ability on the instrument, he just seems to prefer melody over shred, getting to the marrow of the tune.

Love is Calling has plenty of melodic catches and clever lyrics delivered by St. Germain’s rock-solid guitar playing and Bo’s full-bodied vocals. This is a fun collection of finely crafted rock-n-roll tunes, turn it up and enjoy!

—Sylvannia Garutch


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