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Lyrics as Poetry Vol. 1


We all need inspiration when our muse is silent and sometimes all it takes a little spark from an outside source to fire up our muse again. Lyrics as Poetry is … Read more

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Steve Winwood

Steve Winwood was only 14 years old when he joined the Spencer Davis Group in 1963. He’s always managed to maintain a youthful persona relative to his peers, sidestepping the … Read more

A.J. Croce, sweet as wine

  Photos by Lou Montesano Having reviewed A.J. Croce’s new CD, Cures Just Like Medicine, I was excited about seeing him live. Reviewing an album means listening to the same … Read more

Savoy Brown

Savoy Brown has never been an outfit to stray from classic themes or the immutable presence of the otherworldly culture of the deep south. Indeed, Witchy Feelin’ proves yet again … Read more

Whiskey Shivers

Whiskey Shivers has its most obvious roots in bluegrass, but it’s not a niche so much as a jumping-off point. Fiddle, banjo and harmonica get used in familiar ways and … Read more

Harold Little 

Music is a vehicle for us to go deeper and reflect, enabling one to go to a special place to gain insight, to feel and know what is beyond words … Read more

Susan Cattaneo

With the Hammer & the Heart we have a double-disc release from one of the lyricist lynchpins of the recent Nashville TV series. Susan Cattaneo marks her fourth release with … Read more

Premiere: Chelsea Williams comes back around

The music business has changed dramatically, and critically-hailed independent music sensation Chelsea Williams is on the cutting edge, having sold 100,000 copies of her first CDs at residency gigs. The … Read more