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Premiere: Peter Himmelman assures us: There Is No Calamity

"Sacrificial" a key element

In “Sacrificial,” a central song on his new album There Is No Calamity, Peter Himmelman ponders questions like “How angry is too angry? How sweet is just too sweet?/How do you call out for love when love feels like defeat?”

Minnesota-bred, Los Angeles-based Peter Himmelman answers the artist’s dilemma “Why make a record these days?” with the straightforward truth: songwriters need to  record songs to get them out into the world. On a more personal level, he said, making an album also “taps into something I loved as a kid when a record was something cool.”

Los Lobos’ Steve Berlin is a big fan of Himmelman’s music, so when Berlin expressed interest in producing the next album, the songwriter sent him 53 demos; Berlin’s refreshing take on the choices refocused Himmelman’s own perspective.

Talking about the songs’ origins, Himmelman told Elmore: “It’s hard to say where these songs come from, maybe something I’d eaten the day before, or a conversation I’d overhead. Perhaps this one is just a reaction to constantly being sold things, to being dehumanized by an overwhelm of commercial forces.”

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