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Premiere: Canyon City’s “Midnight Flight”

New album, Constellation, lights the way

Photo: Jordan Merrigan

Mixing his indie-folk roots with pop hooks and sparse, airy production, songwriter Paul Johnson shoots for the stars with Constellation. Johnson wrote, performed and produced Constellation alone in his living room studio, as he did one year ago on Midnight Waves, a viral hit which racked up nearly 700,000 monthly Spotify listeners.


Johnson’s one-man band, Canyon City, conjures up a hidden town nestled between surrounding mountains, and though created in isolation, the music here speaks to the countless individuals who are looking not only to find partners but to find themselves, as well. Canyon City provides a safe haven to  pursue our own passions, with Constellation lighting the way.

Paul Johnson explained: “This song embodies a lot of what people come to expect from Canyon City in the commitment to organic instrumentation, minimalism, and honest writing within a clean structure. However, it also departs quite a bit, as I incorporated more ‘modern’ filters, synths, and percussion in a way not yet explored within the project. Themes of embracing being lost, transformation and reckoning hope with reality are all really present throughout the record. And so for me, musically and lyrically, ‘Midnight Flight’ further elaborates on that space. The summarized idea is: let’s hang on and live here for a moment, but also we know where the ground is, and the painful yet beautiful importance of its roll in the story.”


 Constellation drops October 6, 2017, and  the first  single, “Midnight Flight” arrives August 11 on iTunes and Spotify, but you can hear it here, today.

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