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Lyrics as Poetry Vol. 1

Various lyricists highlighted in compilation

We all need inspiration when our muse is silent and sometimes all it takes a little spark from an outside source to fire up our muse again. Lyrics as Poetry is a new journal spotlighting the work of singer-songwriters, where lyrics can be appreciated on their own aesthetic merit in a beautifully designed print-only edition. This little book will certainly make sparks fly whether you are writing lyrics or poetry.  Volume 1 features the lyrics of 51 songwriters an original prose by 10 writers, who have written about a song whose lyrics have resonated with them.

The lyrics deal with many subjects, some directly and some are more suggestive of the deep underlying messages and analogies. The lyrics are both laid out in common song structures such as, verse and chorus, while others are free verse. As in “Into the Sea” by Peter Su, his approach is laid out in verse-chorus, verse-chorus, bridge, verse-chorus. If you are more into the structure and analysis of form and meter of poems, there are plenty of variations and interesting twists.

The poetry in Lyrics as Poetry Volume 1 is quite engaging and thoughtfully conceived. The use of the words is brilliant. For instance, Aaron Couch has a deep connection to The Smashing Pumpkins song and lyrics, “Snail.” Writing about the deeper and personal emotions the lyrics bring out in his emotions, this speaks about the importance and profound meaning one can personally have with lyrics.

Fans of poetry will devour this book because the well written and creative lyrics it contains. That being said, even if you are not a poet and don’t know how to create a beautiful poem or lyrics, reading this collection will inspire your thoughts and imagination. Who knows? We might be hearing one of these beautifully written poems on the radio very soon.

—Sylvannia Garutch

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