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Jack Tempchin

Peaceful Easy Feeling, The Songs of Jack Tempchin

Artist:     Jack Tempchin

Album:     Peaceful Easy Feeling; The Songs of Jack Tempchin

Label:     Blue Elan Records

Release Date:     9.30.2017


This is a subtly superb release from a guy who will always be associated with and known for his song-writing with one of modern music’s hugely successful US bands, the Eagles. The title track remains one of the Eagles all-time great numbers and Tempchin was the guy who fleshed it out with a lazy, West Coast feel and understanding.

Tempchin has a career that now reaches back around half a century,  a career often fuelled, no doubt, by dope but always driven by music. The Eagles-sounding delivery and style echoes clearly, resonating throughout this release. At times, Tempchin draws on a stylistically modern country undercurrent with some quality pedal and lap-steel sliding through the mix. Country queen Rita Coolidge pops up on shared vocals on one track, “Slow Dancing,” while blueslady Janiva Magness features on another, “Soul Searchin’.”’  Chris Hillman also helps out, guaranteeing a stamp of quality.

For the most part, and as a memorial tribute to his old buddy, Glenn Frey of Eagles frontman fame, the songs included here represent and reflect Tempchin’s shared writing  with Frey, who passed away in 2016. And though Tempchin is always linked to the legendary band, he has also written extensively and successfully down the years with material covered by many greats including Emmylou Harris, Glen Campbell, Tom Waits and a host of others.

Peaceful Easy Feeling is just that, an album that smacks of laid-back skill and ability, a mature confidence and a self-assured delivery that simply glows and glistens track on track. A little bit of beauty, for sure.

—Iain Patience

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