Premiere: Jason Heath And The Greedy Souls

"Ballad of the Brown Bomber" calls for charity, understanding

Photo: Esben Melbye

Available October 13, But There’s Nowhere To Go, the newest album from Jason Heath And The Greedy Souls, sounds a cry from the depths of the American Dream. Time, neglect, and corruption have left some of us no choice but to howl at the moon or to set out in search of something we can trust.

Traveling the country in the aftermath of the Presidential election, Heath heard from all walks of American life, and he put his observations into this new work. “The Ballad Of The Brown Bomber” tells the story of heavyweight champion Joe Louis, who enlisted in the Army to fight the Nazis and engaged in charity bouts for Navy and Army relief efforts. Upon his discharge, the IRS taxed his fundraisers, leaving him with financial woes for the rest of his life, forcing him to  risk his life in the ring when he shouldn’t have, just to make ends meet.

They sing: “Being champ can be Heaven, and it can be Hell, you better have something left to sell … Hey, Joe, where did your country go?”

“He was reduced to being a greeter at Caesars Palace in Vegas,” Heath told Elmore. “Sad ending for a champion, that in my opinion, deserved more from the country he sacrificed so much for. It’s a shame the way we treat veterans in this country in general. We ask so much, and give less than is promised.”

“I believe we have a responsibility to work toward bettering the world around us for sure. I don’t believe there’s a more rewarding way to live than to find connection and common ground with other folks and the world around us, and I’ve always been drawn to and inspired by ideas of justice and equality. Those are more often the themes that will motivate me to create something.

Refreshingly, Heath doesn’t point fingers. “The truth is, we all created this mess and we’re all in it together. I hope in some small way that expressing these ideas we might connect with other folks that feel the same way and that will lend encouragement and hope enough to look for solutions, and we can rock out at the same time.”

Heath hits the heavy messages with a light touch: “In the immortal words of Emma Goldman, ‘If I can’t dance, I don’t want to be part of your revolution.’”


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