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Popa Chubby

Two Dogs

Artist:     Popa Chubby

Album:     Two Dogs

Label:     PCP

Release Date:     11.27.2017


With Two Dogs, US veteran Popa Chubby again lights an incendiary fuse and delivers an explosive cocktail of high-octane rock and soul-cum-blues that at times defies genre definition but seems always to be of interest with a warm intimacy at its burning heart.

Chubby recorded the album at his home studio in the Hudson Valley and set out with a host of ideas in his head and a team of sidemen and dedicated musical troopers by his side, including the ever-dependable Dave Keyes on keys, daughter Tipitina Horowitz on horns and drummer, Sam “Freightrain” Bryant.

In many ways, this is Chubby working at his best with a vocal and fret delivery that rips along at times with a fierce passion followed by a more introspective tumble elsewhere. With 11 core tracks, Chubby also adds two surprising additions to close the release with the Stones’ landmark composition, “Sympathy for the Devil” and Leonard Cohen’s compelling mantra, “Hallelujah.” This is confident, engaging stuff, an album that switches musical tracks, genres and influences with consummate ease and abundant talent.

It’s hard not like this release and before long you’re likely to find yourself hitting “repeat” and singing along, picking some gloriously over-the-top air guitar.

—Iain Patience

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